Here’s what people are saying about my tarot and astrological services:

From Nathara, an expert tarot reader and intuitive:

Deborah is REALLY someone entirely unique. I met her on Twitter and I don’t remember how, but as I watched her tweets, suddenly astrology started ACTUALLY making sense to me. And not just the part where I should probably wait until next week to speak my mind, but how the planets were having these effects and how that was interacting with my personal chemistry to create the atmosphere and reactions that were influencing my life.

My mother was an astrologer, and so in 30+ years of attempting to learn astrology on and off with a variety of books, teachers, and other resources, I have always been completely boggled. But Deborah’s understanding, compassion, clarity, and supportiveness are such that she has even been able to make ME understand. In addition, I have been deeply inspired and privileged to witness her insights, inspirations, and struggles that she shares through her writing and have grown so much as a person, myself, as a result.

Thank you SO MUCH, Deborah!

If you have a chance to work with her, absolutely do!

Here is a testimonial about a tarot reading I did with Caity, a Reiki healer.

Deb is amazingly thorough in her approach! She genuinely wants to talk with you and understand what you are hoping to get out of your session with her. I walked away from my tarot session with clarity and an understanding of what I need to do in order to move forward. There are two things I always want when I work with someone: Kindness in delivery and the truth. Deb is a natural in both regards. Don’t hesitate to chat with her!

Here’s a testimonial from Laura:

My reading from Deborah was detailed, personal, and delivered with patience and kindness. It felt like talking to a good friend about what’s going on in my life. She walked me through each aspect of the cards, and I came away feeling totally fulfilled!