work with me somI talk a lot about tarot and astrology here with my blog, but I can also help if you need some guidance. Check out the services I have below. Testimonials from my clients are now up!

After payment, I will send you a link to my calendar so you can schedule your reading. If it’s an email reading, you’ll receive your reading within five business days from time of purchase.




Natal Chart Reading

Oh my stars, what is going on with you and your astrological natal chart? This reading will give you an overall view of who you are beyond your sun sign. I’ll look at all 12 houses and highlight aspects and planets/luminaries you should be aware of. This reading is great if you’re new to astrology. Email or recording of our 1-hour phone call.




Stellar Weather Report

If you already know your astrological natal chart and just want some insight about what’s coming ahead, then this reading is for you. I can look at the year ahead for your birthday (aka a solar return), or if you have other specific planetary concerns – e.g., midlife transits such Pluto square Pluto, Neptune square Neptune, or you’re facing your first Saturn return. Just make sure to tell me what your concerns are, along with the date, time, and place of your birth.



Saturn Return Support

Saturn in Capricorn people! If you’re around ages 28-30, you’re probably going through your Saturn return (when transiting Saturn returns home to your , which in astrological terms is your true rite of passage as an adult. Saturn is at home in Capricorn, but that doesn’t mean these life changes are easy. Job or career changes, breakups, moves–all these changes could great, but they could also be really difficult. As a double Capricorn who loves Saturn, I want to be there to help you make it through this almost 3 year odyssey with Father Time. Our initial meeting will talk about when your Saturn return will be the most crucial and give you a game plan to make it through and to come up with things you want to accomplish–because what is Saturn, or Capricorn, without some goals? Then we can talk either weekly or monthly. It can end whenever you want it to. This initial fee is for the first reading, but then we’ll set a subscription rate and length of time that fits your needs. This will be a phone or video conferencing call only, because Saturn doesn’t really do love letters.




Tarot Reading

Need some guidance? Confirmation of a direction you want to go forward in? Some comfort? A kind kick in the butt? Tarot can help! I see a tarot reading as a conversation between you, me, and the cards. This can be done via an email reading or an online chat. Just let me know what you prefer.