the ad age

support 2 SOM

Hello, my lovely readers!

This is just a quick note that since I need to cover the costs to write and host this blog, I added ads to this website this morning. Not a big fan of ads, but gotta keep the lights on, keep myself fed, etc.

If you enjoy my blog, then kindly consider showing your appreciation in monetary form! 🤑

Become a patron of mine on Patreon or giving a one-time donation or monthly donation via PayPal.

I appreciate each and every view and like, and all of my followers. But I only have 4 patrons! 😭

So out of the 120 followers I have here, it’d be great if one out of 10 you became a monthly patron. And that could be with just $1/month!

If you sign up for the $10/month tier, you’ll get bonus content you won’t see anywhere else!

Thanks so much for your support of my writing! Patreon or PayPal are just a click away.

Peace to you,



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