Whose cards?!

tarot cards SOM

Today, while lazily laying in bed because I woke up at 6am, I decided to do some tarot cards. Well, the “cards” are actually in a Yes/No Tarot app from Tarot.com. You can ask it a yes/no question, mainly about what you should and should not do.

There has been one issue that I came upon last summer, which, for the sake of my pride, I’ll refrain from sharing, and it’s stuck with me. Every time I have asked this card about holding on, this app has said either yes, maybe, or yes. My track record with this app is pretty solid. I checked today: YES. Stupefying, actually. Either this app is enabling some far-fetched dream or it’s spot on.

So, unrelated to far-fetched dreams, I decided to ask about teaching. The angel card reader lady had said that I’d be great at it and that I’d have a great career, la dee da. I was wondering if “my angels” that she was speaking to are actually her practical thoughts about things?

Usually, my experience with spirituality is that is it not so cut and dry. I can’t remember what I was listening to yesterday–I believe it was Jo Dunning, though–she said that the journey is usually about taking the next step and we seldom get the whole path laid out for us.

Angel card lady said: lease a car, move to the DC area, and be a teacher. I’ll be married and have only one kid. Really? How does she know all these things? Granted, prophecies I’ve received never seemed to be what I would be doing in the future. Um, and they still don’t. Hm.

So. I asked this app about teaching, if I should continue to pursue it. The app said, flatly: NO.

Whose cards?! Who’s right?! I really don’t know. All I know is that I need to finish this semester with some semblance of dignity, find a place to live, and a better job situation. Sure, I don’t want to stay in Florida too long, long enough to suck out the rest of my soul, but it was snowing in the DC area last week. Spring just came. I don’t wanna to live in the North ever again.

And, actually–I had a big breakthrough yesterday which is unrelated to all of this except as to why I’m down here. And to be even more cryptic, all of that, that I broke through, was a sign, many signs, that I am on the right track.

It’s unfortunate that I seek confirmation from Spirit via technology and people and get polarizing answers. My gut says…I don’t know, but I have my next step.

And, I’ll check the app again…soon…hmmph.

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